Wednesday, 29 February 2012

David's Lyre in the Pool

Great session with Paul in the Pool Studio (Thanks to Miloco) yesterday recording the songs that he has been performing live. Just Vocal and Electric Guitar. A real session with filming (videoing?) too. Coming your way soon we hope.

Sonoma Wireworks

I endorse DrumCore and the new GuitarJack2. I did a short interview with Daniel at SWW. Available here

Die menschliche Seite der Plattenproduktion

I enjoyed a lengthy Skype interview with Lilian Franke on Skype last week. We did the interview in English but she has translated to German and uploaded to TrueTrash (in German) - “Die menschliche Seite der Plattenproduktion”

Sunday, 19 February 2012


FAN - a short (Depeche Mode focused) film from Poland including interviews with Alan Wilder, Adrian Sherwood and Myself