Friday, 14 December 2012

Experimenting in Berlin

At the invitation of longtime friend and colleague Peter Schmidt I am on my way to Berlin for a weekend of preproduction experimenting in the wonderful Teldex Studio. We are working on developing songs of Nora Grisu, in a team of 4 guys and her. I have the DarkTime and Tinysizer with me, and have bought a new module from SchneiderLaden for the occasion - Make Noise Phonogene. Excited.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Polly Scattergood at Madame JoJos

Wonderful to be at Madame JoJos with lots of friends and colleagues to support and admire Polly at her London gig. Enjoying a dynamic build to the set and Polly's sparkly jacket. Also it is really interesting to hear new versions of songs from the last album (re)interpreted by Polly and Glenn. I am touched and hope Polly feels our love. Made a few photographs which I will post later.

I opened the TinySizer

My new room at Strongroom